Company Overview

Shanghai China Petroleum Instrument Co., Ltd was restructuring from CNPC. It is a leading high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales of oil exploration instruments and service for petroleum exploration oilfield technology.

Centering on the operation principle of "customer-centric and market-oriented", the company is well established in the petroleum industry with sincere cooperation, continuous innovation and development for its global customers.

The company's products are oriented to the field of petroleum engineering, and its main products include comprehensive mud logging unit, rapid chromatographic analyzer, cuttings geological analyzer, wireless drilling survey instrument, etc. The advanced nature and reliability of the products have reached and even excelled overseas products of their kind.

Heritage - the company was formerly known as Shanghai Petroleum Equipment Factory (Shanghai No. 4 Petroleum Machinery Factory), which was established in 1958. It is a professional petroleum equipment manufacturer in China and has accumulated a good market reputation through a long industry experience.

Introduction -- in 2000, the company was jointly invested and set up by China Petroleum Technical Service Corporation, Beijing Geological Logging Company and Shanghai Petroleum Equipment Factory. Meanwhile the company cooperated with four international logging companies to actively introduce advanced technology and establish the market leading position of domestic high-end integrated logging equipment.

Innovation -- in 2006, driven by years of independent innovation, the company developed WellStar/Welleap comprehensive Mud Logging Unit and MWD wireless drilling and measuring system with complete independent intellectual property to meet the needs of high-end market.

Aggressive -- in 2014, the company launched the oilfield environmental protection product mud treatment equipment, directional rotary pulser, which reaching the international equivalent level. From 2016, the company focuses on logging products and market application development, and brings out geological analysis instruments.

The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and HSE certification for several consecutive years, and has been awarded a couple of honorary titles by Shanghai Municipal Government such as “Model Unit”, “High-New Technology Enterprise”and “Little Giant in scientific and technological Fields”.

The company's logging units are sold throughout the domestic major oilfield logging companies. Our products are fully adapted to the ocean, desert, gobi desert under different geographical conditions and severe weather conditions .Among them, WellStar comprehensive Mud Logging Unit has entered more than 10 countries and regions such as Americas, Central Europe, Central Asia, South Africa and Africa, and won unanimous praise from users.

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